Friday the 13th Inspired Stainless Steel Jason Voorhees Ring


Pay homage to a horror legend with the Friday the 13th inspired Jason Voorhees Ring, which has been expertly fashioned from 316L stainless steel.


Product Description

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Additional Information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 6 cm






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Size Chart for Rings

Ring Size 4

  • Finger Circumference: 47 mm

Ring Size 5

  • Finger Circumference: 49 mm

Ring Size 6

  • Finger Circumference: 52 mm

Ring Size 7

  • Finger Circumference: 54 mm

Ring Size 8

  • Finger Circumference: 57 mm

Ring Size 9

  • Finger Circumference: 59 mm

Ring Size 10

  • Finger Circumference: 62 mm

Ring Size 11

  • Finger Circumference: 64 mm

Ring Size 12

  • Finger Circumference: 67 mm

Ring Size 13

  • Finger Circumference: 69 mm

Ring Size 14

  • Finger Circumference: 72 mm

Ring Size 15

  • Finger Circumference: 75 mm

When choosing a size, we recommend that the choice be made with respect to the “Finger Circumference” to ensure a comfortable fit. To find out the circumference of your finger, please use the method detailed below.

Vamers Store - Jewellery - Ring Size Chart - How To Measure the circumference of your finger


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