Game of Thrones Inspired Stainless Steel Direwolf Ring from House Stark of Winterfell


Pay homage to the true Kings of the North with the House Stark of Winterfell Direwolf Ring, inspired by Game of Thrones and fashioned from 316L stainless steel.


Product Description

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Additional Information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 6 cm






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Size Chart for Rings

Ring Size 4

  • Finger Circumference: 47 mm

Ring Size 5

  • Finger Circumference: 49 mm

Ring Size 6

  • Finger Circumference: 52 mm

Ring Size 7

  • Finger Circumference: 54 mm

Ring Size 8

  • Finger Circumference: 57 mm

Ring Size 9

  • Finger Circumference: 59 mm

Ring Size 10

  • Finger Circumference: 62 mm

Ring Size 11

  • Finger Circumference: 64 mm

Ring Size 12

  • Finger Circumference: 67 mm

Ring Size 13

  • Finger Circumference: 69 mm

Ring Size 14

  • Finger Circumference: 72 mm

Ring Size 15

  • Finger Circumference: 75 mm

When choosing a size, we recommend that the choice be made with respect to the “Finger Circumference” to ensure a comfortable fit. To find out the circumference of your finger, please use the method detailed below.

Vamers Store - Jewellery - Ring Size Chart - How To Measure the circumference of your finger


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