About Us

Vamers Store is the natural extension of the
awesome content found at Vamers.com.

But with an extra touch of 'Geek Chic'.


Since 2011, Vamers has been providing denizens of the Internet with interesting articles about popular geek culture in order to get everyone the world over to embrace their inner geek. What started as merely a hobby, has grown into a full time labour of love.

In 2014, the Vamers brand took the opportunity to enhance its offerings in order to cater to the needs of Vamerites who, over the years, have developed a need to satisfy the geek they now embrace. Thus, the Vamers Store was born.

We firmly believe that every single person has a little bit of geek in them, waiting to be let out. Unlike at conventions such as Comic-Con, however, it is not always possible to showcase your geekery, at least not to that extent. This is why the Vamers Store specialises in, what we like to call, 'Geek Chic'.

Geek Chic is all about embracing your inner geek through quality goods that are stylish and sleek whilst being ever so subtly geek. 

We hope the Vamers Store will allow you to find the perfect gift, whether for yourself or someone else, which helps to covertly declare your geek affiliation for your favourite movie, television series, hero or villain, and much more.