Placing an Order

Placing an order with Vamers Store is as easy as Pi (3.14), but just in case you get stuck we have compiled a bunch of useful information about our ordering process.

How can I order from Vamers Store?

Place your order online, directly through our website.

Simply add the product/s you wish to purchase to your digital ‘shopping cart’ by clicking on the “Add to basket” option on each product page. You may continue to add items to your cart until your order is complete.

When you are ready to begin the checkout process, simply select the image of the cart or select “checkout” from your ‘Personal Shopper’ menu.

Please fill in all of your correct billing and shipping information (ensure your billing address matches your delivery address). Once you have reviewed your order, select your preferred method of payment and simply hit the ‘checkout’ button.

    • When selecting credit card as your payment method, a secure and encrypted pop-up powered by Stripe will appear. Please enter your payment card information and complete the payment.
    • When selecting SnapScan as your payment method, a secure and encrypted webpage will open with a SnapScan QR code. Scan this code in the SnapScan application to make payment.
    • When selecting Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as your payment method, an email with your order details and Vamers banking details will be sent to you. Please use your order number as a reference. Please also note that this method of payment incurs an additional 7 – 10 days of processing time.
  • Vamers Store does not store any credit card information and all transaction are PCI compliant through Stripe and SnapScan. We take privacy and security very seriously. For more information, please view our Privacy and Security Policy.

All done. Now you can sit back, relax and wait for your Vamers Store goods to arrive.

How can I pay for my order?

Vamers Store uses the security and convenience of Stripe and SnapScan as our primary financial gateways. As such, you can use any credit card supported by Stripe or SnapScan for your order. We also offer Electronic Funds Payment (EFT) as a payment option, but it incurs an additional 7 – 10 days for processing.

Please note that all orders are placed and completed in South African Rands. For your convenience the Vamers Store has an embedded currency converter in the footer of each page on our store (currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only).

For your protection, orders are screened for potential fraud. To avoid delays in order processing, please ensure that your billing address matches that of your payment method. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel orders that fail to meet this requirement.

What does the availability status on product pages mean?

Similar to a brick and mortar store, goods supplied by Vamers Store are susceptible to changes in stock availability.

  • In Stock – The item is awaiting a new home and is ready to ship from the Vamers Store warehouse.
  • Out of Stock – The item is currently not available.
  • Pre-order – The item is not yet available, but it will be soon. Pre-ordering ensures you will get the item upon release.

We do our best to ensure that stock levels shown on the website are accurate. However, and although rare, it is possible that stock notifications may be delayed or incorrect. As such, please note that these notifications are ‘best estimates’ and we cannot be held liable for inaccurate stock counts.

What is the difference between ‘Pay Deposit’ and ‘Pay in Full’?

Vamers Store aims to cater to as many consumers as possible. As such, select merchandise may have two options for payment:

  • Pay in Full allows customers to pay immediately for the merchandise they wish to order in one single payment.
    • In stock items will ship immediately.
    • Pre-order items ship as soon as they become available. Pre-orders paid in full are considered as a ‘reservation of stock’ . Therefore they are subject to a non-refundable 10% fee of the total value of the item.
  • Pay Deposit allows customers to select an appropriate payment plan to pay for the merchandise they wish to order over a certain period of time. An immediate and non-refundable ‘deposit payment’ of between 15% and 40% of the total cost of the item being ordered is required (the deposit amount is dependant on the option selected).
    • If a Payment Plan is selected, the remainder of the item cost is paid, interest free, over either three (3), six (6), nine (9) or twelve (12) months.
    • If Pre-Order Deposit is selected, the remainder of the item cost is paid once the item becomes available.
    • In stock items will ship only once all payments have cleared.
    • Pre-order items ship once available and only after all payments have cleared.
    • Please note that instalments for Deposit Payments are not automatically processed. For Payment Plans, our system sends out an email invoice once per month with the amount owed and customers are then requested to visit Vamers Store to complete payment for that specific month. For Pre-Order Deposits, our system sends out an email invoice once the item is available for shipping and customers are then requested to visit Vamers Store to complete payment.
    • Please note that Vamers Store reserves the right to cancel orders that fail to meet the specified repayments. Payments not completed within one (1) calendar month of the due date will be automatically cancelled. Any payments made on a Payment Plan over and above the initial non-refundable deposit payment, admin fees and cancellation costs will then be added to the customer account as Vamers Store Loyalty Points.
    • As per the South African Consumer Protection Act, payments made via the Deposit option or any payment made on an item with the status of ‘pre-order’ are considered a form of reservation for special order goods. Therefore the initial deposit payment, admins fees and cancellation costs are not refundable in the event that the order is cancelled.

These payment options have been put in place to allow everyone the opportunity to ‘satisfy their inner geek’.

Do discount and promotional codes stack?

Please note that only one promotional or discount code can be used per order when redeeming Promotion, Discount or Coupon Codes.

Regrettably, Promotion, Discount or Coupon Codes cannot be used towards the purchase of Gift Vouchers.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Vamers Store only deals in new merchandise, ensuring that you, our customer, always receives items that are in good condition and working order. Please read our Official Returns and Exchanges Policy for more information.

How do I cancel my order?

At Vamers Store we do our utmost to ensure that orders are processed and fulfilled quickly and efficiently, as it is our aim to ‘satisfy your inner geek’. As such, we aim to successfully see every order through from payment to delivery. In the event of an order cancellation, please read our Cancellations Policy for more information.