Replica Indigo League Gym Badges inspired by Pokémon


Proudly display your quest “to be the very best” with a full set of Replica Indigo League Gym Badges, the very same ones that Ash Ketchum won and collected in the original Pokémon anime.

“I’m twice as good as Gary” – Ash Ketchum


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Product Description

Each gym badge has been gorgeously recreated in rhodium and enamel, and is ready to be pinned via a rear butterfly pin atachment. This full set of Replica Indigo League Gym Badges is based on and inspired by the original Pokémon anime and includes:

  • Complete set of eight (8) gym badges from the Kanto Region (Indigo League).
  • The Kanto Region (Indigo League) badges include: Brock’s “Boulder Badge“, Misty’s “Cascade Badge“, Lt. Surge’s “Thunder Badge“, Erika’s “Rainbow Badge“, Koga’s “Soul Badge“, Sabrina’s “Marsh Badge“, Blaine’s “Volcano Badge“, and Giovanni’s “Earth Badge“.
  • All badges have a Rhodium plated silver trim with butterfly pin attachments.

Each order is carefully packed with geek love in signature Vamers Store packaging. These items are especially sourced for Vamers and are of the highest quality.

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 cm






Please note the following about this product:

  • Handcrafted item – like little pieces of art
  • May be made from polymer clay and plastic
  • May contain safe and wearable metals
  • May differ to display images
  • Please do not submerge in water
  • Keep away from direct heat/fire


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